Thermal Ticket and Wristband Stock

Stimare supply thermal ticket paper and thermal wristband stock for use with our Stima range of thermal ticket printers.

New to thermal ticket printing?

There are many variables to consider when selecting your ‘stock’ so we suggest you get in touch with us and we can give you a call to discuss the suitable options for your unique requirements.

In order to provide you with an accurate quotation, we must have the following information.

  1. What size ticket stock, the width can be from 20mm to 82mm, the length can be as long as you want.
  2. Do you require full images front and back (4 color process)?
  3. Do you require security features like holograms, coin rub, Ultra Violet images, special inks.
  4. What quantity do you require?

Here are some additional things to consider prior to getting in touch.

Stima Ticket Stock
  • Thermal Ticket Paper

    Thermal ticket paper usually comes as either a roll (such as receipt roll) or in ‘fanfold’ – the paper is folded in bundles like a fan (such as concert or baseball tickets).

    The ticket size is really up to you. Our printers can print up to a width of 82.5mm (or about 3.25”) but you do not need to use paper that width.

    The weight of the paper can vary also, just like normal paper you use in photocopiers.

    Do you need bespoke designed ticket stock or will a generic template suit your needs?

  • Thermal Wristbands

    Thermal wristbands come in a variety of different materials: paper and vinyl being the most common. Stimare can even supply waterproof thermal wristbands.

    Size, shape and colour are again variables to consider.

  • RFID Printing

    Stimare can supply RFID enabled ticket paper and wristbands for use with Stimare printers.

  • Thermal Printers & Thermal Paper

    Remember that thermal printing (or direct thermal printing) is a printing process whereby the paper reacts to heat created by a thermal printer (the print head specifically) and produces an image or text.

    A thermal printer needs thermal paper to work. Thermal paper is specially produced so that it reacts to heat.