Stimare Partners in Business

To maintain the highest of standards, Stimare has formed a strategic partnership with printing and POS hardware pioneer Custom SpA. Since its establishment in 1976, Custom has invested heavily in R&D, and as a result it now stands at the forefront of ticketing, POS and OEM hardware development. All our ticket printers are manufactured to our specifications by Custom SpA.

We have a reciprocal global agreement with Infinite Peripherals globally for the sale, support and repair of our products. This includes Stimare ticketing printers, Linea Pro and Infinea Tab. It means you can get local support, sales and service all over the world.

Source ticket and receipt roll stock

Stimare has strong business links with many source suppliers of tickets, paper receipt roll and RFID products. So, we can point you in the right direction if you are looking for competitively priced ticket or receipt stock.

With some of our ticket supplier partners we can also give an extended print head warranty.

Find out more about exclusive ticket and receipt stock rates for Stimare clients by contacting us at [email protected]

New Business Opportunities at Stimare

In the current global market, opportunities can be hard to find. However, Stimare is looking to meet and do business with companies that are up for an exciting challenge.

We are looking for resellers and distributors who share our passion for the market we operate in, and also have a similar business ethos.

If you like what we do and would be interested in becoming a distributor of our ticketing systems anywhere in the world or would be interested in selling any of our products in the UK or Ireland, please contact us at [email protected]