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Apto Customizable Rugged Case

Apto Custom Cases for Linea Pro

For orders of 500 or more, this heavy-duty protective case can be customized in any color combination and with your corporate logo.

Apto Pistol Grip

Apto Pistol Grip For Linea Pro

The Apto Pistol Grip for Linea Pro. This snap-on handle adapts the Linea Pro to an easily maneuverable, one-handed barcode scanner.

Extreme Rugged Case

Linea Pro Extreme Rugged Case

Heavy-duty protective rugged case for Linea Pro series.

Belt Holster

Belt Holster for Linea Pro

Velcro top cover, metal belt clip, eyelets for optional shoulder strap.

Charging Station (5-Unit)

Linea Pro charging dock five units

5-bay drop-in charger for Linea Pro.

Charging Station (1-Unit)

Linea Pro charging dock one unit

Single-bay drop-in charger for Linea Pro.

Heel Cup Charger

Heel Cup Charger to charge one scanner at a time with and without rugged case

Apto Pistol Grip Charger

Single-bay and four-bay drop-in charger for Apto Pistol Grip.

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